Colnago Master Frameset


Colnago Master Frameset

Brand: Colnago
Categories: Road Bikes
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Product Description

Using chromium plated DT15V steel, the Colnago Master has star-shaped tubes and chromed lugs that do more than just look cool and different compared to big-tubed carbon bikes. The design of these tubes actually reduces twisting under load for less lateral flex while maintaining vertical compliance for a comfy ride.

The frame is heavier than bikes of other materials, but gives more confidence with its stable feel on sketchy ground and better responsiveness than many carbon fiber bikes. It flies downhill with more control and reduces the chatter of the road with its compliance. Because it is made of steel, this bike is also more easily repaired. It can be repaired after virtually any accident allowing you to ride this bike for the rest of your life.

It uses a geometry that is applicable to different styles of riding, falling in-between an aggressive race position and a more upright endurance position. The bike has an Italian threaded bottom bracket and uses a classic, 1-inch chrome plated Precisa straight-blade fork. This fork has the comfort of a high-rake fork but with more responsiveness and an elegant, beautiful profile that accentuates the classic style of this bike.

The Colnago Master comes in sizes from 49 to 65 cm. It is available in Blue, Gray and Red. Contact us today at the shop, or email to get yours!