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Contender Bicycles Hoodie

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Hoodies are all about utility. They started off in the 1930's as a workaday garment, fit for warehouse workers who needed warmth and comfort. Since that time, the hoodie has become much more than that; its symbolized hip hop culture, skateboarding pride, and generally being the bad boy of everyone's closet. While the Contender Bicycles Heather Grey Hoodie isn't immediately the bad boy of our clothing collection, it is perfect for anyone looking for comfort and warmth.

The Contender Bicycles Heather Grey Hoodie is a nondescript way to represent your favorite bike shop. Its heather grey outer is accentuated by three Contender Logos; the retro logo on the chest, and one logo per shoulder. Please note that this is more of a jacket fit than a slim fit. It is significantly heavier than our other hoodie and has a more generous cut. It is available in five sizes (XS-3XL).

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