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Contender Gecko Retro Cap

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Contender Gecko Retro Cap

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You've wanted to channel your inner Mars Blackmon for quite some time, but with a myriad of caps at your disposal, it hasn't been the easiest call to find the ideal cycling cap. Some look good in photos, but less than ideal under your helmet. Other might be too hot, and you're hot enough as it is going up your favorite canyon. Enter the Contender Gecko Retro Cap.

The Contender Gecko Retro Cap is functional and useful. Perfect for keeping the sun out of the eyes, absorbing sweat, and keeping rain and muck at bay. It works simultaneously to keep the head cool during sun-drenched rides or add a bit of warmth against cold, windy days.  

This cap is one size fits all with the OG gecko that once symbolized Contender.