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Contender Script Neck Gaitor

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Preparing for cold-weather rides can be difficult. Layering is crucial, but often the question becomes one of layering too much or too little. Temperatures can change radically throughout the day and the in-between temps often defy our best efforts to dress appropriately. With the Contender Script Neck Gaiter, you're sure to be prepared for any myriad of temperatures on the open road.

The Contender Script Neck Gaiter adds a layer of protective material between a chilly fall morning and your neck. It can be extended to work in a myriad of ways. Fold it into a headband, or extend it from your neck to your nose and ears to keep the biting cold far away. Whatever you use it for, insulating the neck (where major veins and arteries are) helps to maintain core body temperatures where they need to be to ensure you're comfortable on your ride.

One size fits all, and available in three colorways.

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