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Contender Vintage Merino Long Sleeve Jersey

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Contender Vintage Merino Long Sleeve Jersey

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Contender’s Vintage Merino Long Sleeve Unisex Jersey features an autumnal colorway so that you can match the foliage as the leaves change colors and begin to fall. Step up your canyon-riding swagger while matching the elevation gradient of colors along the way.

Merino wool is celebrated for its insulation and breathability. Sporting a hybrid of merino wool, polyester, and elastane, this relaxed-fit autumn jersey stretches in all of the right places to keep you pedaling in comfortable elegance.

This Merino wool jersey has three pockets with elastic closures and two thin strips of reflective material to keep you prepared and visible.  The front of the jersey has a full-length zipper, secure wrist cuffs, and an elasticated hem with a rubberized gripper to ensure the jersey doesn’t ride up over your hips; you’re the only one doing the riding.  

Made in collaboration with Ale cycling in Italy, this merino long sleeve is a high-quality cycling garment that will be a mainstay in your cycling wardrobe for years to come.

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