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Deity Components Deftrap Pedals

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Deity Components Deftrap Pedals

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The Deity Components Deftrap Pedals are a flat mountain bike pedal that is designed to offer riders a durable and reliable platform for all types of riding. The pedals are made from a high-quality nylon composite material, which provides a lightweight yet strong platform that can withstand the demands of mountain biking.

One of the standout features of the Deftrap Pedal is its large platform size, which measures 107mm by 103mm. This provides plenty of surface area for the rider's foot, ensuring a stable and comfortable platform for even the most aggressive riding styles.

The Deftrap Pedal also features 10 replaceable steel pins per side, which provide excellent grip and traction, even in wet or muddy conditions. The pins are adjustable, allowing riders to customize the level of grip to their preference.

The Deftrap Pedal has a concave design, which helps to cradle the rider's foot and provide a more secure connection to the pedal. The pedal body is also slightly thinner in the middle, which helps to reduce the risk of pedal strikes when riding through rough terrain.

Another notable feature of the Deftrap Pedal is its sealed bearing and DU bushing system, which provides a smooth and reliable performance even in harsh conditions.