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DZ Nutz Pro Chamois Cream

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DZ Nutz Pro Chamois Cream

Brand: DZ Nuts
Categories: Skin-products
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At Contender Bicycles, we have a special soft spot for DZ Nuts. Having put together Dave Zabriskie and the chemist/manufacturer that developed the products based on Dave's feedback, we are excited to see where DZ Nuts is today. Dave has always had sensitive skin and been very particular about skin products. In fact various clothing and skin issues over the years have been the topic of many comical conversations. Who would have thought? What started out as joking around has turned into a high quality skin care line that rivals anything in the market. Let's just say that over the years Dave has become keenly away of the need to protect and care for those sensitive areas before they 'taint' your riding experience.

DZ Nuts Chamois Cream is specially formulated to reduce friction and thwart bacterial infection. Also containing anti-inflammatory agents that sooth tender skin while in the saddle, you won't want to head out on a ride without it.