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Easton EA70 AX Dropper Post

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Easton EA70 AX Dropper Post

Brand: Easton
Categories: Seatposts
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Product Description

The Easton EA70 AX Dropper Post is a versatile and reliable seatpost designed for the demands of gravel and adventure riding. It features a sleek and ergonomic design that integrates seamlessly with modern gravel and adventure bike frames.

The EA70 AX Dropper Post is made from high-quality EA70 aluminum alloy, providing the perfect balance between weight, strength, and durability. The alloy construction ensures that the post can handle the rough and tumble of off-road riding, while still being lightweight enough to make a noticeable difference in your bike's overall weight.

The dropper post mechanism on the EA70 AX is cable-actuated and features a user-friendly lever that's easy to operate. This allows you to quickly and effortlessly adjust the saddle height on the fly, providing maximum control and maneuverability on steep descents and technical terrain.

The post comes in a range of sizes to fit most frames, and it features a 400mm length for added versatility. It also has a setback option of either 0mm or 20mm, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your bike and riding style.

The Easton EA70 AX Dropper Post is a high-quality and versatile seatpost that's designed to handle the rigors of off-road riding. Its user-friendly dropper post mechanism and ergonomic design make it a great choice for any adventure or gravel rider looking for maximum control and maneuverability on technical terrain.



  • Material: Easton EA70 Aluminum Alloy

  • Diameter: Available in 27.2mm and 30.9mm

  • Length: 350mm

  • Offset: 0mm

  • Travel: 50mm

  • Cable Routing: Internal