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Eclypse Derailleur Hanger

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Eclypse Derailleur Hanger

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The Eclypse Derailleur Hanger is an engineered, lightweight alloy part precision-formed for perfect compatibility with Shimano and SRAM drivetrains. Its superior craftsmanship ensures a perfect fit and superior performance for the most discerning cyclist.

One of the benefits of the Eclypse derailleur hanger is that it is designed to fit a variety of bikes from different manufacturers. This is achieved by designing each hanger to fit specific bike models based on the frame's dropout shape and mounting hardware. 

This compatibility with multiple bike models is a great advantage for cyclists who own multiple bikes or may switch between bike models frequently. It also makes it easier for bike shops to carry a smaller inventory of derailleur hangers while still being able to service a wide range of bikes.

When selecting an Eclypse derailleur hanger, it's important to ensure that you are choosing the correct model for your specific bike model to ensure proper fit and optimal shifting performance.