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Enve Carbon Seatpost

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Enve Carbon Seatpost

Brand: Enve
Categories: Seatposts
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The ENVE Carbon Seatpost was designed with ease and performance in mind. The carbon seatpost uses a unique twin-bolt design that was redefined for modern integration capabilities. Utilizing the twin-bolt design accommodates multiple seat angles to ensure your comfort. This design allows for easy angle adjustments between 0 and 27 degrees, and easily tightens to ensure your saddle remains secure and in place. Riders can achieve saddle angle on bikes ranging from downhill to road. The horizontal opposed bolt and wedge design will make it easier than ever to get your adjustments just right.enve

Like all ENVE components, the seatpost is modeled from uni-directional carbon fiber to achieve strength, stiffness, and longevity. Titanium hardware material ensures durability and reliability over time. The ENVE Carbon Seatpost is compatible with saddle rail 7x10mm carbon rails and 7mm round alloy rails.

At just 204 grams, two lengths, and four diameter options, cyclists looking to outfit their bike with a lightweight-carbon and reliable seatpost can look to the ENVE Carbon Seatpost. Lightweight, easily adjusted, strong and comfortable, the ENVE Carbon Seatpost is equally at home on the trail as it is on the road.