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ENVE M730 Wheelset

SKU: 210000095413

ENVE M730 Wheelset

Brand: Enve
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Purpose-built for gravity/enduro riding, the ENVE M730 is one of the lightest and strongest wheels on the market. This wheelset is built with a new anti-flat system, ENVE's patent pending Protective Rim Strip. The Protective Rim Strip acts as a barrier between hazards on the trail and the carbon fiber rim, significantly reducing the probability of pinch flats. This system also lets your run a lower tire pressure to improve traction without worrying about flats. This wheelset comes in 27.5" and 29" with several different hub configurations so you can customize it to meet your riding style.

ENVE recommends using 2.3" to 2.5" tires on this wheelset.