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ENVE SES Aero Road Handlebar

SKU: 210000093084

ENVE SES Aero Road Handlebar

Brand: Enve
Categories: Handlebars
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Product Description

The ENVE SES AR Road Handlebar is a thorough rethink of what the drop bar handlebar needs to be. It is the road, all-road, or gravel bike handlebar evolved to deliver a real-world aerodynamic advantage as well as comfort and confidence over any road surface. The perfect addition to your next road bike or gravel bike build.

So many road bike handlebars today claim that they have some sort of aero advantage. The ENVE SES AR bar features aerodynamic shaping with internal and external routing options for clean airflow and aesthetics. And while we strive to improve aerodynamics through expensive road bike wheel upgrades, the handlebar is one of the first things to hit the wind; improving aero efficiency here goes a lot way to making the rest of the bike faster.

But what if you don't care about aerodynamics? Well, the SES AR handlebar thinks of that too, with what ENVE claims to be superior comfort and confidence. Part of that is thanks to a carbon laminate tuned specifically to improve vibration damping without sacrificing responsive handling. Additionally, the handlebar features a unique flare to the drops to provide a wider stance for descending and technical riding. This is pulled from ENVE Gravel Handlebar, but adjusted with less flare at the drops.

The ENVE SES AR Road Handlebar is one of Contender's favorite drop handlebars at the moment, perfect for those looking for comfort on the road bike or versatility and a slight aero advantage on the gravel bike.



  • Material: ENVE proprietary carbon fiber

  • Drop: 127mm

  • Reach: 79mm

  • Drop flare: 2 degrees

  • Grip length: 68mm

  • Clamp diameter: 31.8mm

  • Available widths: 38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm

  • Di2 compatibility: Fully compatible with Shimano Di2 and other electronic shifting systems

  • Cable routing: Internal cable routing for clean and aerodynamic look

  • Brake lever compatibility: Compatible with most modern road bike brake levers

  • Weight: 233g (42cm)