Fulcrum Rapid Red 5 DB Wheelset Components Fulcrum
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Fulcrum Rapid Red 5 DB Wheelset

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Bikepacking and unsupported bike races offer the freedom to break away from traditional roads and explore new horizons. Fulcrum's Rapid Red 5 DB wheel is specifically designed for this kind of adventurous cycling. With a wider inner channel and a low, durable rim, it provides excellent comfort and resilience on unpaved surfaces. The wheel's versatile profile allows for tubeless ready tires of various sizes, adapting to different terrains. Supported by a solid aluminum hub and featuring 24 straight-head spokes, it can handle rough conditions and the added weight of bikepacking gear. Prepare for your next journey with Rapid Red 5 DB wheels.

Tyre Type 2-Way fit Ready (for clincher and tubeless ready)
Tyre Size 28"
ASTM Category 2
Weight 1760 g
Rim Material Aluminum
Profile Height Low
Rim Height 24 mm
Rim Width 28 mm
Inner Rim Width (Channel) 23 mm
Tyre Width From 32 mm to 46 mm
Braking System Disc brake
Braking Surface/Brakes Options AFS
Front Axle Compatibility HH15-100/HH12-100
Rear Axle Compatibility HH12-142
Front Wheel Spokes 24
Rear Wheel Spokes 24
Spokes: Material Stainless steel
Spokes: Profile Rounded, straight pull
Nipples Aluminum
Front Hub Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
Rear Hub Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
Bearings Sealed cartridge bearings
Others Aluminum Axle
Weight Limit 120 KG
FWB Options HG11, XDr, N3W

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