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Hammer Nutrition Recoverite

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Hammer Nutrition Recoverite

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With Recoverite, you provide your body what it needs to replenish and build strength and endurance after a hard workout. Using the ideal 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, this drink offers efficient glycogen synthesis and muscle tissue rebuilding. Not using any simple sugars, the complex maltodextrin allows for higher caloric intake and easier digestion for a more efficient glycogen synthesis process. Recoverite uses lactose, and virtually fat-free whey protein. The whey protein yields the highest percentage of protein to efficiently rebuild strong, lean muscle tissue. For immune system support, each serving of Recoverite contains three grams of I-glutamine. Other nutrients included are chromium polynicotinate for enhanced glycogen synthesis, the powerful anti-oxident l-carnosine and a full spectrum electrolyte profile to replace deleted minerals.

Hammer Recoverite recovery drink comes in 32 serving container.