Jagwire X-caliper Brake Pad Pair EACH Components Jagwire
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Jagwire X-caliper Brake Pad Pair EACH

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The Jagwire X-Caliper Brake Pads are a high-performance replacement brake pad option designed for use with road bike caliper brakes. These brake pads are compatible with Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo brake systems, as well as other caliper brakes that use standard road brake pad inserts.

The X-Caliper brake pads are made of a proprietary compound that is designed to offer excellent braking performance in a wide range of conditions, including wet and dry weather. The pads also have a special pad shape that provides superior modulation and control, making them a good choice for riders who demand precise braking performance.

The Jagwire X-Caliper Brake Pads feature a cooling fin design that helps to dissipate heat and prevent brake fade. This helps to ensure consistent braking performance even during long descents or heavy braking. The pads are also designed to minimize noise and vibration, for a more comfortable and controlled ride.

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