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Juliana Wilder 1 CC Frame

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The Juliana Wilder 1 CC frame is a bike frame that embodies untamed spirit. Crafted from premium carbon fiber, it conquers diverse terrains with ease, from flowing singletrack to challenging descents.

Boasting 115mm of rear travel and a VPP suspension system, it's a robust performer, ensuring a smooth ride on demanding trails. Its slack head angle and extended top tube invite fearless exploration and boundary-pushing.

Yet, what truly distinguishes the Wilder 1 CC frame is its exuberant personality. It's all about trail enjoyment and adventure, offering nimble agility for precise maneuvering and jumps.

Notably, its captivating design, available in vibrant colors, adds to its sleek and modern aesthetic, making you feel like a trail conqueror.

For those seeking a mountain bike frame that combines toughness, playfulness, and style, the Juliana Wilder 1 CC frame is a compelling choice. It's the ideal companion for adventurous riders ready to embrace the wild side of the trails!

*Please note that bike specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Kit Frame
Weight 4.24 lbs / 1.92 kg
Material Carbon CC
Travel 115mm
Wheel Size 29

Head Tube Angle67.1º67.1º67.1º
Seat Tube Length405430470
Front Center695723.7747.4
BB Height339.9339.7339.6
BB Drop32.632.832.9
Rear Center430.8433.3435.8
Head Tube Length90100110
Top Tube Length568.4597.3621.4
Seat Tube Angle75.1º75º74.9º
Standover Height743.5746.4745.4

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