Lazer Cage KinetiCore Apparel Lazer Matte Green M Lazer Cage KinetiCore Apparel Lazer Matte Black S
Lazer Cage KinetiCore Apparel Lazer Matte Green M
Lazer Cage KinetiCore Apparel Lazer Matte Black S
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Lazer Cage Kineticore Full Face Helmet

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The Lazer Cage KinetiCore helmet might just be the safest helmet available. No joke, at least in part due to the Cage helmet being the first-ever full-face helmet with a published 5-Star protection rating from the Virginia Tech Bicycle Helmet Ratings system. And that's even before the expansive feature list, including a magnetic buckle, seamless goggle integration, and a design to comfortably fit a neck brace without issue.

Full-face helmets often add a whole lot of confidence for when you're trying to push it down the mountain. What they take away, however, is often air ventilation. The Cage doesn't seem to be the most ventilated helmet, but in limited use we find it to have great airflow for a full-face downhill helmet. 

Every cased landing means something is liable to shift, but the Lazer Cage helmet does its best to make sure your goggles stay in place. The back of the helmet has rubber grippers to reduce the risk of goggle slip and blocking visibility. So while your rear wheel might be destroyed after hitting a table top the wrong way, at least your goggles are still in place.

We haven't tried out the Lazer Cage helmet's safety, and hopefully you won't have to either. But Lazer's new KinetiCore helmet technology features built-in rotation impact protection, specific crumple zones in the internal structure of the helmet, resulting in advanced multi-directional protection. The best part? KinetiCore is quite a bit lighter than other comparable helmet safety systems, leaving your neck just a little less fatigued at the end of a ride. You won't want to test this, but Lazer has all the bases covered to make sure you're safe. 

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