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Lazer Vento Kineticore Helmet

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Lazer Vento Kineticore Helmet

Brand: Lazer
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Elevate your cycling experience with the Lazer Vento Kineticore Helmet, meticulously engineered to deliver unmatched speed and elevated performance. Weighing 24% less than its predecessor, the Lazer Bullet 2.0, it offers a 2.3% boost in aerodynamic efficiency and a 5.4% improvement in cooling and ventilation. This feature-packed road cycling helmet boasts 5-Star Protection Technology, powered by the Lazer Kineticore, ensuring reduced risk from direct and rotational impacts. With its ScrollSys belt for precise on-the-move adjustments and a sleek 15-degree aerodynamic design, this helmet is designed to help you ride faster with superior comfort. Plus, the advanced ventilation system keeps you cool even during the most demanding rides. Discover the next level of cycling performance.


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