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Magura 7.S Disc Brake Pads

SKU: 210000137563

Magura 7.S Disc Brake Pads

Brand: Magura
Categories: Brakes
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Upgrade your e-bike's braking system with Magura 7 Series Disc Brake Pads. These brake pads are designed with the Sport Compound, which provides powerful braking, high durability, and short bed-in time. This makes them an ideal choice for e-bikes, where reliable and responsive braking is essential for safety.

The 7 Series Disc Brake Pads come in a set of two pads and two pad retaining bolts for one caliper. If you want to ensure your e-bike's braking system is performing at its best, consider upgrading to these high-quality disc brake pads. 

Magura 7 Series pads fit Magura MT2/MT4/MT6/MT8 disc brake calipers.