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Magura 8.S Disc Brake Pads

SKU: 210000125357

Magura 8.S Disc Brake Pads

Brand: Magura
Categories: Brakes
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Improve your e-bike's stopping power with the 8 Series Disc Brake Pads. These pads feature a unique two-piece backplate design that helps to dissipate heat and maintain consistent performance, even in rougher conditions. They are made with the Sport Compound, which delivers exceptional stopping power, durability, and quick bed-in time, making them a perfect choice for e-bikes.

This set includes four disc brake pads and two pad retaining bolts, enough for one caliper. With their advanced design and high-quality materials, the 8 Series Disc Brake Pads are a reliable and effective upgrade for your e-bike's braking system. The Sport Compound is specifically formulated to provide consistent and powerful braking, making it ideal for e-bikes that require quick and responsive stopping power.