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Maxxis Forekaster Tire 29

SKU: 210000112193

Maxxis Forekaster Tire 29

Brand: Maxxis
Categories: Tires
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Are you tired of slipping and sliding on muddy trails? The Maxxis Forekaster Tire is here to save the day with its mud-shedding tread pattern and grip-tastic dual compound rubber.

The Forekaster tire features Maxxis' EXO sidewall protection, which provides an extra layer of durability and defense against cuts and abrasions. The tire's tread pattern is designed to handle loose, wet, and muddy terrain, with a high-volume casing and open tread design that helps shed mud and debris for consistent traction.

The Forekaster's dual compound rubber is optimized for both speed and control, with a harder, faster-rolling rubber in the center of the tread for reduced rolling resistance, and a softer rubber on the side knobs for increased cornering grip. The tire's 120 TPI casing ensures a supple and responsive ride.