Pirelli Cinturato Reinforced SmarTUBE Components Pirelli Yellow Pirelli, Cinturato SmarTUBE, Tube, Presta, Length: 60mm, 700C, 33-45C
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Pirelli Cinturato Reinforced SmarTUBE

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The Pirelli Cinturato Reinforced SmarTUBE is a game-changer in the world of inner tubes. Designed for durability and puncture resistance, this tube is perfect for riders who want peace of mind during their rides. The reinforced construction enhances the tube's resistance to punctures, reducing the chances of unexpected flats. The SmarTUBE technology ensures optimal air retention, allowing for longer periods between inflations. Additionally, the Cinturato Reinforced SmarTUBE is compatible with a wide range of tire sizes, making it a versatile option for various bike setups. Whether you're commuting or tackling rough terrain, this inner tube is a reliable choice that will keep you rolling smoothly on your cycling adventures.

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