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Q36.5 Men's Jersey Short Sleeve L1

SKU: 210000098585

Q36.5 Men's Jersey Short Sleeve L1

Brand: Q36.5
Categories: Jersey-tops
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Sometimes, the best things in life are simple. Take away the frills and you get the essence of what makes something great. The Q36.5 Men's Jersey Short Sleeve L1 is just that, one of the most simple interpretations of what the Q36.5 brand stands for.

The L1 Short Sleeve Jersey builds on the already-excellent reputation of Q36.5 by offering a lightweight piece unlike the other superlight, see-through jerseys we're accustomed to. While Q36.5 claims this to be a pure summer jersey, few other pieces work as well to regulate body heat as this does. The jersey is constructed from a polyester microfilament (Unique Fabric L1) which is breathable fast drying, but remarkably durable. Sure the material is a little heavier than others, but the fabric's superior ability to regulate body heat in both hot and cold pays dividends.


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