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Rapha Explore Bar Bag

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Rapha Explore Bar Bag

Brand: Rapha
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The Rapha Explore Bar Bag is a lightweight, water-resistant handlebar bag that includes an integrated cross-body strap. It is a little bit bigger in overall capacity than the Rapha Bar Bag (2.4L vs 2.0L), and is generally a little less focused on double-duty as a frame bag or bar bag. 

This bag is a bit different than traditional handlebar bags. For one, it features an integrated cross-body strap to carry off-bike. The back of the Explore Handlebar Bag features a heavier-duty Hypalon panel to protect the bike against abrasion. Additionally, the bar straps are integrated into the bag and are generally heavier-duty than other small bar bags like this. 

The pockets of a cycling jersey might carry more than you expect, but for bigger adventures, the Rapha Explore Bar Bag offers significant additional space. Made with a waterproof fabric, this conveniently sized pack shrugs off the worst of the weather while remaining firmly fixed to your bike thanks to its durable straps. Velcro straps mean the pack can be removed swiftly.