Rene Herse Hurricane Ridge TC Endurance Casing 700 x 42 Dark Tan Components Rene Herse
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Rene Herse Hurricane Ridge 700 x 42 TC Endurance Casing Dark Tan

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Whether you race gravel or head into unknown terrain, the Hurricane Ridge gives you the confidence that you’ll be able to handle everything from fast pavement to deep mud or snow. Named after one of the biggest climbs in the Northwest, the Hurricane Ridge uses our revolutionary dual-purpose knobby tread. The tire is always supported by the same amount of rubber, whether it’s rolling forward or leaning into a turn. This gives you uniform grip at all times – whether in a muddy gravel race or during a paved descent with ultra-fast hairpin turns.

The Standard casing is our more affordable option: comfortable and fast, yet also strong to withstand considerable abuse. The Extralight casing takes the performance, comfort and feel of your bike to an entirely new level. The Endurance casing is reinforced for extra sidewall protection and puncture resistance, while retaining the speed and comfort for which Rene Herse tires are famous. The Endurance Plus casing provides the ultimate in sidewall protection for extremely tough conditions.

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