Reserve E 30 HD 31 DH Carbon Wheelset Components Reserve Wheels 29" i9 1/1 XD 6B
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Reserve E 30 | HD 31 | DH Carbon Wheelset

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The Reserve E 30 | HD 31 | DH Carbon Wheelset is specifically designed to be the go-to wheelset for ebike adventures. Providing the perfect balance of stiffness, performance, durability and weight, the E 30 | HD 31 | DH combines Reserve’s 30 HD front wheel with the World Championship-proven 31 DH rear wheel. As modern e-mountain bikes become more and more capable, the rolling stock will need to be ready for whatever the rider can throw their way. The Reserve E 30 | HD 31 | DH wheelset is here to meet that challenge. 

Using externally reinforced spoke holes to strengthen the area around the spoke nipple where the rim sees the most force, overall strength is increased without adding unnecessary weight.

The E 30 | HD 31 | DH also features redesigned rim beds that ease tubeless installation by using a profile shape with offset spoke holes that allow the tubeless tire to easily push past the bead bump and seat smoothly.

These ebike-ready rims also employ an asymmetrical profile front and rear making for  stiffer, stronger and more reliable wheels by improving the bracing angles and equalizing the spoke tensions between the drive and non-drive side spokes.

Make sure your e-MTB is ready for any adventure with the Reserve E 30 | HD 31 | DH Carbon Wheelset.

Wheelset Weight1897g
Designed ForTrail, all mountain, and enduro e-riding
Inner WidthFront 30mm, Rear 31mm
Depth20mm / 21mm
Recommended Tire Size2.4 to 2.6
Spoke Count28 F / 32 R

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