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Santa Cruz Nomad 6 CC Frame

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Santa Cruz Nomad 6 CC Frame

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With an impressive 170mm of travel and exceptional climbing capabilities for its class, the Santa Cruz Nomad 6 CC Frame is designed to tackle any mountain and conquer challenging ascents without relying on shuttle vans.

The latest version of the Nomad introduces the practical downtube "Glovebox" for convenient storage of essential tools. It also features a versatile 29"/27.5" wheel setup that enhances traction, stability, and agility on various terrains. These are just some of the signature details that have become synonymous with the Nomad line over the years.

The Santa Cruz Nomad 6 CC Frame is built to deliver top-level performance in mountain biking, enabling riders to explore trails in remote locations. Its robust construction ensures durability and functionality, allowing you to confidently navigate tough terrains and experience the thrill of unrestricted riding. With this bike, the possibilities for off-road adventures are limitless. Let the Nomad showcase its exceptional capabilities and unleash your true potential.



*Please note that bike specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Weight (lbs/kg) 7.21 lbs / 3.27 kg
Material Carbon C
Travel 170mm
Wheel Size MX


Reach (hi/lo) 430/427 455/452 475/472 495/492 520/517
Stack (hi/lo) 616/618 625/627 638/640 656/658 670/672
Head Tube Angle (hi/lo) 63.8/63.5 63.8/63.5 63.8/63.5 63.8/63.5 63.8/63.5
Seat Tube Length 380/380 405/405 430/430 460/460 500/500
Front Center (hi/lo) 770/770 799/799 826/826 855/855 886/886
BB Height (hi/lo) 346/343 346/343 346/343 346/343 346/343
BB Drop (front) (hi/lo) 27/30 27/30 27/30 27/30 27/30
BB Drop (rear) (hi/lo) 8/11 8/11 8/11 8/11 8/11
Wheelbase (hi/lo) 1209/1209 1239/1240 1269/1270 1301/1302 1336/1337