2021 Scott Addict RC 30


2021 Scott Addict RC 30

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2021 SCOTT Addict RC 30 2021 SCOTT Addict RC 30

2021 SCOTT Addict RC 30

Ride the 2021 SCOTT Addict RC 30 and it will be hard to tell what is prettier - the bike, the podium pictures, your STRAVA page or the price tag.


Product Description

Built with a race ready HMX carbon frame and fork and Shimano Ultegra 22 speed drivetrain, the 2021 SCOTT Addict RC 30 is lightweight and ready to deliver lots of speed, lots of excitement and all for less than $4,000.

The SCOTT Addict RC 30 features the same frame as its higher priced siblings in the Addict lineup, but gets you to the start line with plenty left over for celebratory beverages.

Weighing just 17.64 pounds (size medium) the SCOTT Addict RC 30 makes climbing a breeze. With the ultra stiff HMX frame, accelerations and sprinting are responsive with minimal wasted power transfer. The patented Airfoil tube design slices through the wind, reducing drag and further enhancing your endurance capability.

With a completely integrated cockpit design that hides all cables and wires inside the handlebar, stem and into the frame, aerodynamics is optimized for long days in the breakaway or in a sprint where a marginal gain can deliver a win when the distance between first and second can be the width of a tire.

Traction and handling are well taken care of with a pair of Schwalbe ONE Race-Guard tires mounted on a set of Syncros RP2.0 wheels.

The SCOTT Addict RC 30 climbs well and is a trustworthy descending ride with a set of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes providing secure and dependable stopping power.

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Ahead tube angle70.5 °71.0 °72.0 °72.5 °73.0 °73.3 °73.3 °
Bhead tube length97.0 mm102.0 mm115.0 mm135.0 mm155.0 mm175.0 mm193.0 mm
Ctop tube horizontal520.0 mm530.0 mm540.0 mm550.0 mm565.0 mm580.0 mm600.0 mm
Dstandover height720.0 mm740.0 mm755.0 mm778.0 mm798.0 mm818.0 mm838.0 mm
EBB offset-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm
FBB height274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm
Gwheel base987.5 mm994.0 mm991.0 mm992.0 mm1,000.0 mm1,008.0 mm1,023.0 mm
HBB center to toptube center410.0 mm430.0 mm460.0 mm480.0 mm500.0 mm520.0 mm550.0 mm
IBB center to top of seattube470.0 mm490.0 mm520.0 mm540.0 mm560.0 mm580.0 mm610.0 mm
Jseat angle74.5 °74.5 °74.0 °73.6 °73.3 °73.0 °72.5 °
Kchainstay410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm
Lreach380.0 mm388.0 mm389.0 mm390.0 mm395.0 mm400.0 mm410.0 mm
Mstack504.0 mm511.0 mm526.5 mm548.0 mm568.5 mm588.0 mm606.0 mm
Nstem length90.0 mm90.0 mm100.0 mm110.0 mm110.0 mm120.0 mm120.0 mm
Ocentre saddle - centre bar (hor.)635.0 mm650.0 mm674.0 mm694.0 mm710.0 mm736.0 mm761.0 mm
Pcentre saddle - centre bar (vert.)92.0 mm105.0 mm106.0 mm103.0 mm100.0 mm106.0 mm115.0 mm
Qreach centre bar454.0 mm463.0 mm474.0 mm485.0 mm492.0 mm507.0 mm518.0 mm
Rstack centre bar563.0 mm570.0 mm586.0 mm607.0 mm627.5 mm649.0 mm667.0 mm
Ahead tube angle70.5 °71.0 °72.0 °72.5 °73.0 °73.3 °73.3 °
Bhead tube length3.8 in4.0 in4.5 in5.3 in6.1 in6.9 in7.6 in
Ctop tube horizontal20.5 in20.9 in21.3 in21.7 in22.2 in22.8 in23.6 in
Dstandover height28.3 in29.1 in29.7 in30.6 in31.4 in32.2 in33.0 in
EBB offset-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in
FBB height10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in
Gwheel base38.9 in39.1 in39.0 in39.1 in39.4 in39.7 in40.3 in
HBB center to toptube center16.1 in16.9 in18.1 in18.9 in19.7 in20.5 in21.7 in
IBB center to top of seattube18.5 in19.3 in20.5 in21.3 in22.0 in22.8 in24.0 in
Jseat angle74.5 °74.5 °74.0 °73.6 °73.3 °73.0 °72.5 °
Kchainstay16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in
Lreach15.0 in15.3 in15.3 in15.4 in15.6 in15.7 in16.1 in
Mstack19.8 in20.1 in20.7 in21.6 in22.4 in23.1 in23.9 in
Nstem length3.5 in3.5 in3.9 in4.3 in4.3 in4.7 in4.7 in
Ocentre saddle - centre bar (hor.)25.0 in25.6 in26.5 in27.3 in28.0 in29.0 in30.0 in
Pcentre saddle - centre bar (vert.)3.6 in4.1 in4.2 in4.1 in3.9 in4.2 in4.5 in
Qreach centre bar17.9 in18.2 in18.7 in19.1 in19.4 in20.0 in20.4 in
Rstack centre bar22.2 in22.4 in23.1 in23.9 in24.7 in25.6 in26.3 in