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Shimano S-Phyre RC903E Wide Shoe

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Shimano S-Phyre RC903E Wide Shoe

Brand: Shimano
Categories: Footwear
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The Shimano S-Phyre RC903E Wide Shoe has added ventilation, created a more comfortable fit, and reduced weight from the previous 902E S-Phyre shoe. The Shimano ultra-stiff carbon sole translates to efficient power transfer, (12 on Shimano's Stiffness Index). Lacing from the Dual micro-adjustable BOA Li2 dials has been adjusted to further prevent hotspots, and the redesigned anti-twist heel cup keeps your feet locked in. 

Shimano's wide shoes typically provide more space in the toe box with just a slight bit more room in the heel. Bear in mind that Shimano's shoes are typically fairly medium in fit with a wide toebox that tapers aggressively; this wide model is moreso a way to offer just a bit more wiggle room in the upper.

Importantly, Shimano has replaced the previous, rigid "Power Zone" cable guides for a simpler cross-lacing pattern. They found that a majority of riders were crossing their Boa dials for a closer fit anyways, but the plastic pieces caused pressure points with some riders. Shimano quotes a pair of size 42 shoes as weighing 450 grams, a 20 g saving from the RC902. While this is slightly lighter, the big changes are done in the name of comfort. 

  • Ventilation in toe and heel 
  • Anti-twist heel cup
  • Microadjustable BOA Li2 dials
  • Shimano Stiffness Index: 12 Carbon Sole

The Shimano S-Phyre wide road shoe is a high-performing road shoe that breaks the limits of all previous 902 models.