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Shimano XT T8000 Pedals

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Shimano XT T8000 Pedals

Brand: Shimano
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One of the most popular mountain bike shoes on the market, the Shimano XT T8000 Pedals feature one flat side and one clipless side to enable all riding styles. Call Contender Bicycles at 801-364-0344 for availability. MORE INFORMATION

As entry level clipless mountain bike pedals go, the Shimano XT T8000 have been high on the shopping list for very good reason; they work perfectly for a mountain biker making the transition from flat pedals to clipless.

On one side is a Shimano SPD clipless setup with adjustable entry and release tension settings. A wide platform provides a solid base to find your bearings, clip in and pedal on while permitting you to also use the pedal as a flat.

On the other side is a standard flat pedal with a set of grip spikes to ensure traction between the shoe and pedal as well as quick freedom to step out for balance.

Weighing just 392 grams, the Shimano XT T8000 pedals help enable long days on the trails. The solid construction is long lasting, as well, meaning you’ll log thousands of miles before you need new pedals.

A pair of reflectors finish off the pedal with a dose of visibility for added safety on the road.

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