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Silca Aero Socks

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Silca Aero Socks

Brand: Silca
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Science in socks…. Ok, hear us out: Wattage savings from aero socks is one of those crazy things in cycling that we mostly still can't believe, but that repeats in the data every time… Incredible! The folks at Silca have come up with what is first and foremost a really great sock, made from the finest materials available and it can also save you 4-8 watts. Marginal gains add up fast, but more importantly you’ll look and feel great while achieving those gains.

Silca’s aero socks are knit from Q-Skin, a silver ion infused polyamide which is anti-bacterial, odor resistant, and more importantly, has better softness and moisture control than any of the yarns commonly used to knit socks.  Not only are these socks fast, they're possibly most comfortable sock you've ever worn. Sizing is as follows:
S: shoe size 35-37      M: shoe size 38-41       L: shoe size 42-44        XL: shoe size 45-48