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Silca Mattone Grande Saddle Pack

SKU: 210000138295

Silca Mattone Grande Saddle Pack

Brand: Silca
Categories: Saddle-bags
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With more than 2x the volume of the original Mattone, Silca’s “bigger brick” features everything we love about the Mattone, upsized for those long adventure rides or races where you must be prepared for everything. Capable of holding up to 3 road tubes along with 2 CO2 cartridges, 2 tire levers and a multi-tool.  It can also easily hold up to two 29x2.5 MTB tubes along with CO2, levers and Multi-tool.

Just like the original Mattone, a high friction Hypalon strap with BOA® Closure completes the package. The BOA® Closure ensures the Mattone Grande will remain ‘high and tight’ under your saddle until you need to access it... no swinging, swaying, or rattling... ever!



  • 77cc Capacity
  • Internal dimensions 150mm x 90mm x 55mm
  • Holds 3 tubes, 2 CO2, regulator, tire levers, and multitool
  • BOA® Closure System
  • YKK Waterproof Zipper
  • Hypalon strap for security