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Smith Vert PivLock Sunglasses

SKU: 210000147778

Smith Vert PivLock Sunglasses

Brand: Smith Optics
Categories: Eyewear
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Experience peak performance with the Smith Vert PivLock Sunglasses, ideal for long runs, mountain biking, or fast-paced road rides. The cylindrical shield lens and rimless design offer an ultralight, low-profile fit for unobstructed vision. The PivLock system allows effortless swaps between ChromaPop and bonus clear lenses to match light conditions, while non-slip Megol pads ensure a secure fit during high-speed descents. The high-impact TR90 nylon frame, AutoLock hinges, and smudge-resistant coating combine durability with easy maintenance. Elevate your view with a medium to large fit and ChromaPop technology for enhanced contrast, ensuring these sunglasses keep up with your most demanding adventures.