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Specialized Stix Elite 2 Headlight

SKU: 210000147386

Specialized Stix Elite 2 Headlight

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Brand: Specialized
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The Specialized Stix Elite 2 Headlight is your reliable companion for all hours of the day. At night, it shines with a powerful 100-lumen focused beam in Steady-High mode, ensuring a clear path ahead. During daylight, safety takes precedence, emitting a conspicuous 200-lumen "see me now" light in Power Flash mode, making you highly visible to fellow road users. Depending on your chosen mode, the Stix Elite offers a remarkable runtime of up to 112 hours and recharges effortlessly via the built-in USB tab, eliminating the need for extra cables. With a versatile mounting system that accommodates handlebars from 22.2mm to 35mm in diameter, it's a must-have for cyclists of all kinds. Plus, its smart features include a spherical lens for a focused beam pattern and Fresnel lenses for wide-angle visibility. You'll always know the battery status with the red/green charge level indicator, and the convenience of quick two-hour recharging ensures you're ready for any ride.