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Sram X0 Eagle Transmission Cassette

SKU: 210000143076

Sram X0 Eagle Transmission Cassette

Brand: SRAM
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The X0 Eagle Transmission (T-Type) Cassette stands as a cornerstone of the unparalleled shifting performance within the Eagle Transmission system, delivering exceptional inboard and outboard shifting even under load. Besides its eye-catching Dark Polar finish and electroless nickel plating that combats corrosion and wear, its complete X-Sync design means the harder you pedal, the smoother it shifts. It's E-MTB certified, designed with a 55mm chainline for heightened durability and precision through a broader range, from low to high, featuring improved gear progression with 44 and 38 tooth cogs at the lower end, compared to the Eagle drivetrain's 10-52-tooth cassette. And for added convenience, it incorporates a clearly marked Setup Cog, ensuring effortless and error-free installation. Discover a new level of shifting excellence with full X-SYNC technology, optimized gear steps, and robust compatibility in this remarkable cassette – E-MTB approved and ready to elevate your ride.



SPEED (CS) 12s T-Type
GEARING 10-52t
COG SIZES 10-52t: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 38, 44, 52
WEIGHT (G) 385
WEIGHT BASED ON Engineering Estimate