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SRAM X0 Eagle T-Type AXS Rear Derailleur

SKU: 210000143028

SRAM X0 Eagle T-Type AXS Rear Derailleur

Brand: SRAM
Categories: Derailleurs
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The X0 Eagle T-Type 12-Speed rear derailleur embodies competition-tested excellence, earning its stripes with riders who let their performance do the talking. This meticulously engineered component is part of a cohesive transmission system, uniquely attaching around the wheel axle itself, forging a direct link to the cassette through an innovative Hangerless Interface. This groundbreaking design revolutionizes the cassette-derailleur dynamic. Furthermore, its Full Mount attachment method creates an exceptionally sturdy connection that embraces both sides of the frame.

The X0 T-Type rear derailleur shares the same user-friendly pairing and setup process as our Eagle AXS derailleurs. Robust, reliable, and equipped with an overload clutch, it meets the maintenance demands of serious riders. Its tucked-in profile features protective covers on the B-knuckle and outer link, fully replaceable for lasting durability. Crafted with an aluminum cage, this powerhouse delivers without compromise. Please note that the battery is not included.