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Syncros ZS44/28.6 - ZS56/40 Headset

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The Syncros ZS44/28.6 - ZS56/40 headset is a high-quality headset designed for mountain bikes and road bikes. This headset is built to fit frames with a 44mm inner diameter on the upper head tube and a 56mm inner diameter on the lower head tube. It has a 28.6mm steerer tube diameter for the upper part and a 40mm diameter for the lower part, providing riders with the precision and control they need to navigate technical trails.

The headset is designed to provide smooth and precise steering, ensuring that riders have the control they need to tackle challenging terrain. The upper and lower parts of the headset are pressed into the head tube of the frame and secured in place using spacers and a top cap.

It's important to ensure that the headset is installed and adjusted correctly to ensure optimal performance and safety. Riders who are unsure about installation and adjustment should seek the assistance of a qualified bike mechanic.

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