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Time Xpro 10 Pedals

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Time Xpro 10 Pedals

Brand: TIME Bikes
Categories: Pedals
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The ultra-tough Time XPRO 10 pedal combines performance, power and durability. Perfect for elite cyclists, these pedals are constructed with an advanced composite platform and steel axle for superior strength and stiffness, providing an efficient and powerful energy transfer. With a fast and easy cleat management system, clipping off at the starting line or stop light is a breeze. The pedal body is designed to last, and offers enhanced durability, water resistance and dirt-repellent features.

This set of Time XPRO 10 Pedals is specifically engineered for a competitive edge. Featuring a full carbon construction and adjustable tension, these pedals offer an aerodynamic advantage that is sure to help any cyclist improve their performance. With a lighter overall weight and increased responsiveness, these pedals will help you reach the top of your game.



Body ComponentCarbon-filled
Pedal Stack Height13.5mm
Angular Freedom+5° to -5° with free cleats, 0° with fixed cleats
Contact Surface Area725 mm2
Distance Pedal Spindle / Crank Arm53mm
Lateral Freedom2.5 mm with free cleats, 0 with the fixed cleats
Release Angle16° with free cleats
Threading9/16 - 20 inch
AccessoriesICLIC free foot cleats
Intended UseRoad
Weight (g)113/pedal