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Vittoria Terreno DRY G2.0 Tubeless 700 x 38

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Vittoria Terreno DRY G2.0 Tubeless 700 x 38

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Brand: Vittoria
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The Vittoria Terreno DRY G2.0 Tire 700 x 38 is a versatile gravel tire that's designed for dry and hard-packed terrain. It features Vittoria's innovative Graphene 2.0 technology, which enhances the tire's performance by providing exceptional grip, durability, and puncture protection.

The Terreno DRY G2.0 features a fast-rolling center tread that's optimized for speed on hard-packed surfaces, while the side knobs provide additional traction and stability when cornering. The tread design is also optimized for shedding mud and debris, which helps to keep the tire clean and maintain its performance in challenging terrain.

The Terreno DRY G2.0's casing is constructed from Vittoria's 120 TPI Nylon material, which provides a supple and comfortable ride while maintaining durability and puncture resistance. The tire's sidewalls are reinforced with Vittoria's TNT (Tube-No-Tube) technology, which allows the tire to be run tubeless for even greater puncture protection and improved rolling resistance.

The Graphene 2.0 technology used in the Terreno DRY G2.0's compound provides exceptional grip and durability in a wide range of conditions. The graphene-infused compound not only enhances the tire's grip on dry and hard-packed terrain but also provides excellent puncture resistance and wear resistance.

The Vittoria Terreno DRY G2.0 Tire 700 x 38 is a top-performing gravel tire that's designed to provide exceptional performance and durability in dry and hard-packed conditions. With its fast-rolling center tread, grippy side knobs, and advanced Graphene 2.0 technology, this tire is an excellent choice for gravel riders who demand the best in performance and reliability.



  • Size: 700 x 38

  • Tread pattern: Fast-rolling center tread optimized for hard-packed terrain, with side knobs for additional traction and stability

  • Casing: 120 TPI Nylon construction

  • Bead: Folding bead

  • Technology: Graphene 2.0 compound for improved grip, puncture resistance, and wear resistance; TNT (Tube-No-Tube) technology for tubeless compatibility and improved puncture protection

  • Weight: 460g (claimed)