Wahoo Fitness RPM Speed and Cadence Sensor Bundle with Bluetooth/ANT+ Components Wahoo Fitness
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Wahoo Fitness RPM Speed and Cadence Sensor Bundle

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Devices such as the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT and ELEMNT ROAM integrate perfectly with Wahoo’s RPM Speed and Cadence sensors to create a virtual overload of data to pour over and fine tune each training session.

The RPM Speed and Cadence Bundle complete the Wahoo cycling packages.

The Wahoo RPM Speed sensor mounts wirelessly to the hub of your bike’s front wheel without the need for GPS tracking. A secure Bluetooth or ANT+ connection with a 10-foot signal range measure each rotation of your wheel to transmit data for an ultra accurate speed measurement.

The Wahoo RPM Cadence sensor operates similarly, but mounts to your bike’s crank arm or to your shoe. Each pedal stroke is recorded to help you determine the best gearing and pedaling speed for your workout.

The smooth, sleek sensors transmit data to your smartphone or bike computer. Ultra lightweight, the Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence sensor bundle are a data geek’s dream. 

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