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Wahoo Kickr Shift Indoor Bike Trainer

SKU: 210000147569

Wahoo Kickr Shift Indoor Bike Trainer

Brand: Wahoo Fitness
Categories: Trainers
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Elevate your indoor cycling experience with the Wahoo Kickr Shift Indoor Bike Trainer. Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, this indoor bike trainer ensures a powerful and unmatched ride feel. Enjoy a virtually silent operation with Direct Connect and WiFi Connectivity, and customize your workout with virtual shifting and custom gearing that replicates the gear ratios of top outdoor bike groupsets. The innovative brake and belt drivetrain system provides lightning-fast resistance response, while the adjustable fit across five key points ensures a personalized riding experience that mirrors your outdoor bike.

Plus, the trial to Wahoo X opens the door to two unique indoor cycling apps, making the Kickr Bike Shift the perfect choice for a seamless and tailored indoor training experience. Whether you're aiming for a specific outdoor feel, rapid resistance changes, or a quiet training session, the Kickr Bike Shift delivers a superior and versatile cycling solution for your home workouts.



Power Accuracy +/- 1%
Metrics Speed, Distance, Power, Cadence
Maximum Power Output 2200W
Maximum Simulated Grade 20%
Minimum Simulated Grade -15%
Connectivity ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth, Direct Connect, WiFi