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Wahoo KICKR Floormat

SKU: 210000069250

Wahoo KICKR Floormat

Brand: Wahoo Fitness
Categories: Trainers
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Product Description

The Wahoo KICKR Floormat is a high-quality accessory designed to complement the KICKR and KICKR SNAP indoor bike trainers. It is made from durable and waterproof material that protects your floors from sweat and debris while also providing a stable and non-slip surface for your bike trainer.

The mat measures 36" x 78", providing ample space for your bike trainer and any additional equipment you may need. It features a textured surface that helps keep your bike trainer in place during intense workouts and reduces noise and vibration.

In addition to its functional benefits, the Wahoo KICKR Floormat also adds a touch of style to your indoor cycling setup. It features a sleek and modern design that complements the aesthetics of the KICKR and KICKR SNAP trainers, making them look even more impressive.