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Wahoo Speedplay Easy Tension Cleat

SKU: 210000124410

Wahoo Speedplay Easy Tension Cleat

Brand: Speedplay
Categories: Pedals
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 Wahoo Speedplay Easy Tension Cleats are a set of cleats that are designed to be used with Speedplay pedals, providing riders with an easy-to-use clipless pedal system that is ideal for road cycling. The cleats are compatible with all Speedplay pedals and feature an easy tension adjustment system that allows riders to quickly and easily adjust the amount of force required to clip in and out of the pedal.

One of the standout features of the Wahoo Speedplay Easy Tension Cleats is the low stack height. This means that the cleat sits close to the shoe, reducing the distance between the foot and the pedal and allowing for better power transfer and stability.

The Easy Tension Cleats also feature a walkable design, with a rubberized sole that provides better grip and traction when walking or hiking. This is particularly useful for riders who frequently need to dismount and walk their bikes, such as in cyclocross or touring.

The cleats are also compatible with a range of different shoes, with a 3-hole design that is compatible with most road cycling shoes. The cleats also feature a 6-degree float, which allows the foot to pivot slightly while clipped in, reducing the risk of knee pain and improving overall comfort.