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WTB Byway Tire - 650 x 47

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WTB Byway Tire - 650 x 47

Brand: WTB
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The 650b size has seen a resurgence in recent years due to the popularity of gravel bikes and their all-road practicality. A 650b x 47 mm wide tire has nearly the same diameter as a 700c road tire, meaning it rolls and maintains momentum similar to a road tire, but it doesn't feel slowed down off road. That's the benefit of the WTB Byway Road Tubeless Tire, which serves road just as well as it does off the beaten path.

WTB got it's start making mountain bike tires, and their prowess shines through with the WTB Byway tire. A slick centerline combines with diamond-shaped knobs and more substantial knobs on the sides to provide additional grip and cornering prowess. The WTB Byway Road Tubeless Tire is tubeless ready, comes with a tan sidewall, and comes only in the 650b x 47 mm tire size.