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WTB Byway Tire 650b x 47

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The WTB Byway Tire 650b x 47 is a high-performance tire that's designed for gravel and adventure riding. It features a versatile tread pattern that's optimized for a wide range of terrain, from smooth pavement to loose dirt and gravel. The Byway is also tubeless-ready, allowing riders to run lower tire pressures for better traction and a smoother ride.

The Byway's tread pattern features closely spaced center knobs that provide low rolling resistance and fast acceleration on smooth surfaces, while the larger side knobs provide additional grip and stability in loose or uneven terrain. The tire's casing is constructed from WTB's lightweight and durable Dual DNA rubber compound, which provides a balance of grip, durability, and puncture resistance.

The Byway also features WTB's TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) technology, which makes it easy to set up and run the tire tubeless. By eliminating the inner tube, riders can run lower tire pressures without the risk of pinch flats, which improves traction and ride quality. The TCS system also features WTB's Sealant Tubeless technology, which helps to seal punctures and prevent flats on the go.

The WTB Byway Tire 650b x 47 is an excellent choice for gravel and adventure riders who demand a high-performance tire that can handle a wide range of terrain. With its versatile tread pattern, lightweight construction, and tubeless-ready design, the Byway provides exceptional grip, durability, and puncture protection in a wide range of conditions.

  • Size: 650b x 47

  • Tread pattern: Versatile tread pattern optimized for a wide range of terrain, with closely spaced center knobs for low rolling resistance and larger side knobs for additional grip and stability

  • Casing: Lightweight and durable Dual DNA rubber compound

  • Bead: Folding bead

  • Technology: TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) for easy tubeless setup and improved traction and ride quality; Sealant Tubeless technology for puncture protection on the go

  • Weight: 515g (claimed)

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