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Yuba Bread Basket Cover Kit

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The Yuba Bread Basket Cover Kit is an accessory designed to fit over the Yuba Bread Basket, which is a sturdy, front-mounted basket designed for carrying groceries or other cargo on Yuba cargo bikes. The cover kit is made of durable, water-resistant fabric and is designed to keep items in the basket secure and protected from the elements while in transit.

The cover kit features a drawstring closure that makes it easy to secure items in the basket, and it also includes a reflective strip for added visibility in low-light conditions. The kit can be easily attached and removed from the basket with the included straps, and it can be washed and reused as needed.

The Yuba Bread Basket Cover Kit is a practical accessory for those who frequently use their Yuba cargo bike for grocery shopping or other errands, providing an extra layer of protection for their cargo while in transit.

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