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Having visited their factory headquarters outside Lugano, Switzerland, we can attest that there simply isn’t another cycling-specific clothing company that invests so heavily in product research or saddle time as Assos. With deep roots in European road racing, Assos began by introducing one the first carbon fiber road bike frames in 1976. In doing so the company learned that each-and-every piece of cycling equipment could be greatly improved through the use of new materials. Their focus soon changed to clothing when they brought the first Lycra shorts to market and, in effect, invented modern day cycling wear. Today the team of textile engineers, clothing designers and team riders continue to lead the industry with the goal of elevating cycling wear to new heights of performance, quality and comfort.

Assos does not take the cut-and-paste approach to product development that so many of their competitors utilize. Instead they painstakingly experiment with new textiles and construction to create products that no other brand can replicate. Their line is not reinvented every season as they prefer to slowly develop their designs to stand the test of time. These designs are then produced in-house by dedicated seamstresses skilled in the art of sewing high-tech fabrics.  Knowing that riders at all levels of the sport would appreciate the state of the art technology and attention to detail in Assos fabrics and production, they set out to develop a rich line-up of durable and high quality bibs, shorts, jerseys, jackets, and accessories suited to a variety of different riders and environments.

Clothing to take you through the seasons

As the weather changes from spring and into the summer, Assos has introduced several new pieces to take you through the seasons and changing weather.  Included in their collection of bibs for the cooler days are the T.tiburuShorts_s7 built with a fleece-backed and weather-resistant textile known as 610.RX for the added insulation needed when riding through the spring.   And for when the weather gets warm, Assos offers the T.FF1shorts_Evo7; a high-performance bib-short developed to enhance your riding experience.  Inside you will find the advanced s7 padding and a gusseted waist-band for a more accommodating fit and added comfort on long rides. Assos uses their own Kompressor textile to create a bib-short that is supportive and flexible while encouraging blood flow through large leg muscles.  Other pieces include the comfort orientated long distance T.cento_s7 and the almost unreal T.campionissimo_s7.  These two models take one step further with the inclusion of the KuKuPenthouse decompression zone up front for all-day riding comfort and are intended to offer the ultimate bib short to the spare-no-expense athlete.

Assos TK.tiburuKnickers_s7When you need a little extra insulation and a bit more coverage than your regular bib short, the Assos TK.tiburuKnickers_s7 delivers just what is needed.  Based on the S7 short platform from Assos, the TK.tiburuKnickers_s7 offer extreme comfort like the summer shorts during spring and fall. The S7 platform also utilizes Assos’ goldenGate technology in the insert that is also found in their equipe_s7 short as well as others. The goldenGate allows the insert and short to move independently as you ride for ultimate comfort no matter your position on the saddle.  The TK.tiburuKnickers feature FX Medium Fabric with WR treatment that has a fleece-like feel keeping you warm while also helping shed water to keep you riding longer.

For the shoulder seasons, Assos has updated their popular iJ.Intermediate long sleeve jacket with all new materials and a “mille” fit. The Assos Milleintermediatejacket Evo7 jacket (above) has proven to be a go-to piece for fall and spring riding.  To improve warmth and protection from the weather, Assos developed a new fabric called PlutoCrat Light.  This water resistant fabric is used on the front panels of the jacket, to keep your core toasty.  Then they added breathable panels to the back and sides for temperature regulation.  To top of the design, the Milleintermediatejacket Evo7 jacket offers a redesigned collar, rear pockets for storage, and reflective piping on the tail for improving visibility.

ssos SS.CAMPIONISSIMOJERSEY_EVO7 volt yellow frontWhen the weather warms up, opt for Assos’s  luxurious SS.campionissimojersey_Evo7 which uses their Type.002 fabric, known for its exceptional elasticity and comfort, helping you ride at your best in the summer heat. Its elasticity helps to hold your muscles in place as you ride, giving them the support they need to protect against premature fatigue. A touch of Assos light Type.220 material is used at the back of the jersey to increase its breathability, allowing the garment to ventilate and release hot, sticky air for a more comfortable ride.  A new feature to Assos jerseys, the Campionissimo uses an integrated skinfoil as its base, against your skin, to efficiently transfer moisture from your skin to the outer layer of the jersey. It allows the moisture to spread to a larger surface area for quicker evaporation so you can stay dry and comfortable as the sun is beating down on you, making you sweat.  To give the softest touch against the skin without irritation, the jersey uses a construction with seamless arms and a seamless collar. Not only does this prevent friction points, it also lets the jersey lay perfectly flat on your skin, reducing drag for a streamlined performance. Reflective details have been placed on the front of the shoulders and the back for added safety when you’re riding in low light, and a rear, vertically zippered pocket has been added for the safe carrying of your valuables as you ride. From its construction to its materials and all the details in-between, this jersey exudes quality and delivers an impressive performance for total comfort riding in the summer sun.

ASSOS SS.skinFoil_spring/fall_s7 Base LayerTo find that perfect balance moving from spring to summer, complement your cycling kit wardrobe with the Assos SS.skinFoil_Spring/Fall_s7 base layer.  Day temperatures can vary minute to minute in the shoulder seasons. With this versatile body insulator, your body can adjust accordingly as your ride, from cool spring days to early morning rides in the summertime. The proprietary Assos fabric made from polypropylene and spandex helps the garment fit like a glove, acting as a personal temperature moderator depending on how you sweat.

Assos armWarmer_evo7Designed for those days when you find yourself wearing a short sleeve jersey yet you need a little extra warmth, the Assos armWarmer_evo7keeps the edge off while easily packing into a pocket when not needed.  These breathable, warm, great fitting warmers uses a one pattern design that offers a tapered cut that follows the anatomy of the arm to offer a great fit. The Assos arm warmers feature light RX fabric that is thermal yet breathable for varying conditions.

Assos kneeWarmer s7For both men and women, Assos offers their ever versatile kneeWarmers_Evo7.  Ideal for chilly mornings on the bike, the Assos kneeWarmer_evo7 will keep the chill off your knees and provide better performance on the bike.  These are best for the shoulder seasons and are compact enough to store in a jersey pocket when the temperature warms up.

For the Ladies

assos HK.LAALALAIKNICKERS_S7 LADY sideFor women, Assos has the HK.laalalaiKnickers_s7 to transition from cooler to warmer weather.  Made to use on in-between days when a bib isn’t enough, but a tight is too warm, the Assos Lady’s HK.laalalaiKnickers_s7 is just right.  You can also pair the knicker with a spring/fall Skinfoil base layer when a tight might be too hot for the temperature.  Its smooth fabric offers moderate compression on your legs without being uncomfortable. This moderate compression prevents premature fatigue in the muscles, supporting them against vibrations caused from the hum of the road. The fabric is lightweight, with a stretch that works with your body to give the knickers a second-skin feeling. It is finished with an Assos iceColor application which reduces the surface temperature of the fabric, helping them to stay cool and fresh against your skin. The Assos Lady’s HK.laalalaiKnickers_s7 use a regular fit for a comfortable feel, with gentle compression from a high-cut, wide waistband to keep them securely in place as you move in the saddle and a new pattern at the lower leg for a better fit and feel.

assos ladys t.laalalaishorts_s7 frontWhen the summer heat sets in, Assos offers the Lady’s T.laalalaiShorts_s7.  Using an Assos specific textile, Type.439, these shorts feels smooth to the touch and offer a perfect blend of lightness and compression.  What really enhances the comfort of this bib short, however, is its premium chamois. It uses an 8mm thick Memory Foam with amazingly quick return ability. As you pedal and your weight shifts, the Memory Foam fills gaps between your body and the chamois allowing it to compress and support under weight and quickly return to its normal shape when weight shifts elsewhere.  The chamois also uses superAir and waffle construction on the first two layers of the insert. This construction allows for negative space, making the chamois lighter in weight while increasing its breathability and surface area so it wicks and evaporates moisture faster for a drier ride on hot, sunny days.

Top the Assos Lady’s bib shorts or knickers with the iJ.intermediate_s7 Lady’s long sleeve jersey in cooler weather or the SS.laalalaijersey_Evo7 on sunny warm days.  Very simple in concept, very effective in design: the Assos iJ.intermediate_s7 Lady Jersey is great for mild temperatures on the bike.  An airBlock front panel is found on the front of the jersey to insure warmth when the temperatures drop.

We always have Assos gear in stock

We at Contender Bicycles agree with Assos in recognizing that each piece of cycling gear can be improved by constantly testing and utilizing new materials. We also agree that where the body meets the bike is of utmost importance and we greatly appreciate that Assos is endlessly seeking to make our time in the saddle as comfortable as possible.

At Contender Bicycles, our best sales tool is that we actually use all of the products that we sell. Each of us on staff has extensive experience using apparel across many brands.  Alison Littlefield is our expert on Assos.  To contact Alison regarding any questions about Assos, email her at or call her at the shop.

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