An Inside Look at How We Build Our Custom Bikes - OPEN U.P. with Campagnolo Ekar

An Inside Look at How We Build Our Custom Bikes - OPEN U.P. with Campagnolo Ekar

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 17, 2021

Our process of custom building a bike is about as methodical as it gets. And while custom-built bikes allow us to loop riders in on everything from the handlebar tape to chain of choice, the process of putting those moving pieces together into a rideable, well-tuned bike is harder to share. 

In our latest video, we pull back the curtains to show just how our bikes are put together. That this build is a custom-painted OPEN UP gravel bike shod with Campagnolo Ekar, Campagnolo Shamal wheels, and Easton components is the icing on the cake.

Our custom builds such as this OPEN UP start with our range of suggested builds. From there, riders can work with a pro build expert to dial in the bike to exactly their needs, from fit to component and accessory choice and more. These components are brought to our best technicians who build bikes with care and craft to make dream bikes a reality.

OPEN U.P. with Campagnolo Ekar

Check out our build video and let us know what you think! Would you do anything differently in building your next gravel bike, road bike, mountain bike, or something else? 

Have any questions about OPEN Cycle bikes or gravel bikes? Give us a call or send us an email to


  • Chris,
    we’re excited to see someone else on such a cool bike!

    Alvin Holbrook on

  • Cool build and great video. KEEP THEM COMING!

    Thomas on

  • Mike,
    the bike features a 9-42t cassette and a 38t chainring. This combination might be the most popular OEM combination, but we’ve found it to work well so far.

    Alvin Holbrook on

  • Nice! What size is the front ring and cassette cogs?

    Mike on

  • Looks awesome. I’m currently waiting on mine, hopefully by the beginning of May it will be in hand. Great work.

    Chris on

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