Dueling Domes - Giro Manifest Vs. Scott Tago Plus

Dueling Domes - Giro Manifest Vs. Scott Tago Plus

Written by Isaac Boyden, on May 08, 2023

If you’ve been watching our YouTube channel or have seen some of the photos on our website, you might have noticed two new helmets making an appearance. The two brain buckets we were testing are the Scott Tago Plus and the Giro Manifest. Both are peaked, trail style MTB helmets and look very similar. What makes these two helmets different? After some sunny days riding in Southern Utah, we have that information for you! 

The Scott Tago Plus 

Comfortable, lightweight, and fast looking, the Tago Plus resides in the midrange of Scotts MTB helmet line up. Boasting a polycarbonate shell, foam interior and equipped with the MIPS protection system, the Tago Plus will help you safeguard that cranium you oh-so dearly love. Features also include an adjustable visor, along with strategically placed vents that not only help cool you down, but hold your sunglasses too. When considering which size Tago Plus, it’s worth noting that I found the helmet to run a little small. I generally go with a medium in most helmets and the medium Tago Plus still worked for me. However, if you generally find yourself at the top end of a size in helmets, I would recommend sizing up in the Tago Plus. 

The Scott Tago Plus

The Giro Manifest

Giro’s Manifest is their top of the line trail MTB helmet, and it’s packed with features. The most notable attribute of this helmet is Giros' signature top end protection package called Spherical. Using a polycarbonate shell along with two separate sliding layers to provide MIPS protection, this system is in my opinion probably one of the safest out there for lighter weight trail helmets. With plenty of vents, this helmet is no stranger to a hot day either. It also features a Fidlock magnetic buckle on the chin strap. This may not be necessary, but it sure feels snappy and high quality. The Manifest fits fairly true to size so if you normally wear a medium helmet sticking with the same size is a safe bet.

The Giro Manifest
The Comparison Giro Manifest Scott Tago Plus
  • MIPS Spherical
  • Fidlock Magnetic Buckle
  • More ventilation
  • Smooth feeling ratchet on the back
  • Very sleek and futuristic
  • Hold glasses very well
  • Very price conscious
  • Lots of color options
  • Not as sleek looking
  • Much pricier
  • Glasses don’t stay in the vents as well
  • Does not vent as well
  • Fits small



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