Cargo Nirvana With The Specialized Globe Haul

Cargo Nirvana With The Specialized Globe Haul

Written by Contender Bicycles, on November 07, 2023

Spend any time observing cyclists and what they’re riding these days and it becomes abundantly clear that we are full- blast into the era of the eBike. Whether you’re on the road, trail, bike path, or anything in between, you’re sure to notice an exciting number of electric-assisted bikes out there. EBikes offer accessibility to clean, sustainable and healthy transportation to a huge number of people worldwide and have opened doors for folks that might not otherwise be able to enjoy cycling. 

With that, it’s fair to say that the number of eBike options available has gotten a bit overwhelming. With eBikes now covering entire spectrums of both price and configuration, it can be tricky to pick just the right machine. We’re here to help with that however, and we’re excited to spotlight a new addition to our collection at Contender Bicycles. The Specialized Globe Haul is a unique, yet remarkably versatile eBike that might just cover all your bases and it's priced just right.

Specialized Globe Haul
Choices + More Choices

The cycling industry can be a bit “hyper-segmented”, with bike models available for an increasing variety of uses and sub-classes. The eBike world is no different, with electrified variants for Road, MTB, Gravel, etc. But what if you simply need to get around, commute to work, tote the kids to school and pick up groceries? The “Urban” category of bikes and eBikes has long covered this niche, with models featuring an upright riding position and equipped with fenders and racks. We’re now however seeing an even more “ease and convenience-focused” type of eBike with smaller wheels and frames and more adjustability. That’s where the Specialized Globe Haul models come in and shine! 

Specialized Globe Haul
Meet The Globe!

We love the new Globe Haul for a number of reasons. We’ll get into them, but in short, its design, agility, power and versatility separate it from a pretty condensed field of competing bikes that don’t offer the same quality and features of the Globe Haul, even at a similar price. 

Full-sized commuter bikes with 700c or even 27.5” wheels tend to take up a fair amount of space. Moving them in and out of the garage, etc can be tedious, especially when an electric drivetrain, racks and bags are figured in. The Globe Haul features a low-slung, compact stature that makes it easier to move around and store, and the 20” diameter wheels help keep weight low to the ground for improved stability. 

Sized For Everyone

While the globe utilizes a “one-size-for-all” layout, the execution of the adjustable fit is top notch. This is an area where budget brands tend to fall short, and Specialized has done a great job creating an inclusive, single size frame that fits riders comfortably all over the entire size spectrum. Using their immense Retül fit database and utilizing an adjustable stem and seatpost,  Specialized was able to create a setup that is friendly to all riders. 

Specialized Globe Haul
Ready For Whatever

Versatility is key with any cargo/urban/commuter bike, whether e-assisted or not. The Globe Haul takes full advantage of its remarkable power and easy-riding stature by including a full array of mounting opportunities to, well, ‘haul’ whatever you want! The included MIK-compatible rear rack can handle up to 132 lbs and a slew of auxiliary mounting points support a wide range of accessories and cargo options. The Globe Haul LT takes things even further, with a longer wheelbase that supports a rear rack twice the length (31 inches) of the Haul ST! The easy to use center stand ensures things don’t go sideways when the bike is parked too. This is another nice feature not always included on lower-priced cargo bikes. 

Specialized Globe Haul
Fully Loaded, Figuratively And Literally

Power and range are two more aspects of the Globe Haul that we love. All that cargo capacity doesn't mean much if you can’t get it up hills and make it all the way home! The Globe Haul uses a rear hub motor that delivers 700 watts of power from the 772wh battery, and these combine to give you up to 60 miles of range and a top speed of 28mph. Multiple ride modes let you dial the power up or down, depending on your speed needs. 

Details both seen and unseen often define any bike, and the Globe Haul stands out in this regard as well. Full coverage fenders, integrated front and rear lights, high quality paint and top tier fit and finish top off the Globe Haul. All of these features have further endeared this cargo hauling, kid carrying, errand eliminating eBike to us and we’re looking forward to getting you on one! 

Specialized Globe Haul

Are you ready to embrace the Haul? Give us a call or swing by the shop. We love talking eBikes, cargo bikes and any combination of the two!


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